CANSAT is an  international competition where TY-level students from different regions develop an autonomous sensing device that can fit into a regular sized soft drinks can. Each school in the competition can put forward a development team of up to 10 students. The students develop sensor circuits and configure a medium range wireless link from the CANSAT to a laptop "base station" which can collect data over the link. They also develop the layout of their "CANSAT", engage in software design using Arduinos and use environmental physics equations to design parachutes. Other members of the team must develop publicity and public engagement, dissemination of their ideas in media outlets, engage in fund raising and finally present the totality of their project to a judging panel.

Finally, for the national final, each CANSAT is launched from a rocket in Birr Castle (courtesy of Rocketry Ireland), in March of each year and while the can is airborne, the students must demonstrate that the parachute and data collection function according to plan. To view a video from an onboard camera on a rocket participating in the CANSAT Final 2016 click HERE.

Since 2014, SEEE staff members Frank Duignan, Damon Berry, and Michael Core have acted as mentors in the inter-school CANSAT challenge for TY students. Between them the tutors have tutored 2 schools through the Leinster Regional finals and on to the national competition.

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