Dr Malabika Basu´╗┐

Dr Malabika Basu is a lecturer in the School of Electrical Engineering Systems in DIT.  She joined DIT in 2003 as an Arnold Graves Postdoctoral Scholar, having completed her PhD in Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, India. She was a lecturer in Jadavpur University, India from 2001 to 2003. Her current research interests are: Custom Power Devices, FACTS - Active Power Filters, Dynamic Voltage Restorers, Unified Power Quality Conditioners, HVDC interconnection, Application of FACTS devices in Smart Grids and Microgrids. Renewable Energy Integration to the Grid and Power Quality Control - Fault ride through capability enhancement for wind generators, Photovoltaic Power conditioning and Grid-tied inverters, Islanding detection techniques. Inverters and Converters Topology and Control for various Power Electronics application - Switched Mode Rectifiers, Instrumentation and Experimentation, Z-Source Inverters, Electronic Transformer, Multi-level Inverters. Theoretical analysis of electrical signals - Power Quality Signal Processing and Monitoring. Electric Drives - Electrical aspects of EV and HEV, EV charging, Front end converter design. Bio-medical Power Electronics including electric wheelchairs.