DIT Erasmus Academic Coordinators

Students accepted to DIT on the Erasmus programme will be assigned to a specific DIT School. Each School has nominated an Erasmus Academic Coordinator. This person is usually a lecturer in the School in question. He/she is your contact person for all questions about academic matters, e.g. module selection, learning agreement, assessment, exams etc

To contact your Erasmus Academic Coordinator, please email them. You can do that by clicking on the links below or DIT staff email addresses are composed as follows: firstname.lastname@dit.ie   (e.g. peter.jones@dit.ie). Phone Numbers can be sourced from the contacts page.

CollegeSchoolErasmus Coordinator

Applied Arts &


Art, Design & Printing Peter Jones
  Languages, Law & Society

Noel Deeney (Languages Germany)

    Odette Gabaudan (Languages France- Incoming)
    Helen MacElroy (Languages France - Outgoing)
    Susanna Nocchi (Languages Italy - Incoming)
    Etain Watson (Languages Italy - Outgoing)
    María-José González (Languages Spain IBL)
    Isabel Martinez (Languages Spain LIT)
    Henry Leperlier (Languages Chinese - Incoming)
    Ni Jun (Languages Chinese - Outgoing)
    Leslie Cassells (Social Sciences & Law)
  Media Dore Fischer (Germany)
    Helene MacElroy(French - Journalism, Film & Broadcasting)
    Stella Downey(Media Arts)
  Music & Drama Denise Kelly
  Hospitality Mngt. & Tourism Zhen Yao
  Culinary Arts & Food Technology Frank Cullen
Business Management Eoghan O'Grady 
  Marketing Roger Sherlock
  International Coordinator Sara Galletti
  Accounting and Finance Marie O'Flynn
  Retail & Services Marketing John Jameson 

Engineering &

Built Environment

Civil & Structural Engineering Edmund Nevin
  Electronic & Electrical Engineering Andreas Schwarzbacher
  Mechanical & Design Engineering Mark McGrath
  Architecture Dermot Boyd
  Surverying & Construction Management Martin Hanratty
  Spatial Planning & Transport Engineering Lorcan Mc Dermott
Science & Health Biological Sciences John Kearney
  Chemical & Pharmaceutical Science Benjamin Schazman
  Computing Brian Gillespie
  Mathematics Maev Maguire
  Physics Aaron Macraighne
  Food Science & Environmental Health Jesus Frias

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