Erasmus+ & Exchange Outgoing Students

Welcome, you have taken the first step in setting off for a semester or full year abroad! Below is a brief Introduction to the Erasmus & Exchange application process involved in order to get away to new country, city and institution as part of your degree!‌

In order to start your application you will need to speak with the Academic Coordinator attached to your school to see what opportunities and Countries are available to you.

Once a suitable 'host institution' or 'host enterprise' has been agreed upon with your Academic Coordinator, the Academic Coordinator will nominate you to the Exchange Office and you should submit and online application using the below links.

When the online version is submitted, print out the PDF created. Lastly have the printed copy signed by your Academic Coordinator and ensure the Print version is sent to the Exchange Office by the closing date. 

Once the printed copy is received by the Exchange Office your nomination will be sent to your desired destination or 'host institution'.

The host institution will advise you of their application procedures (yes i'm afraid it will be more than one application form!)

Once a decision has been made you will be notified. You will then have to attend a Pre-Departure Meeting in order to apply for the funding assistance. 



Application Form :

The application link should only be used once you have spoken with your Schools Academic Coordinator

2019-2020 Mobility in Semester 1

Study Mobility - Final date for applications to go in August/September: 22 March 2019* 

2019-2020 Mobility in Semester 2

Study Mobility - Final date for applications 20 Sept 2019*

(*subject to funding still being available. Funding is available to students undertaking an Erasmus+ exchange within the EU/EEA)


Early application is advised. Your host institution may have an earlier application deadline than this. Please be sure to check this with them.

Note: Application for the programme is different to application for the grant. 


2019-2020 Mobility in Semester 2

Trainee Mobility- Final date for applications 20 Sept 2019*


(*subject to grants still being available)


Early application is advised.

Note: Application for the programme is different to application for the grant. 


For queries about the application form please download the Application Guide.

 Outgoing Application Form Guide  pdf-icon.png 

Further queries should be sent to


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