What is Erasmus?

Erasmus is part of the the European Union's Life Long Learning programme. The programme promotes the mobility of students and teaching staff. TU Dublin (City Campus) students have an opportunity to study for one semester or a full academic year at a university or higher education establishment in another participating country.

How do I know if I can participate in the Erasmus programme?

In order to participate in the programme students must:

  • be a citizen of one of EU/EEA member states (or Norway, Iceland, Switzerland) or if you are a NonEU citizen you must be pursuing a full time full degree programme within an EU/EEA member state.
  • have completed the first year of their programme
  • take part in a minimum exchange of three months
  • be a registered student at TU Dublin (City Campus)

How does the programme work?

For Study Erasmus Mobility each School in TU Dublin (City Campus) has set up a number of bilateral agreements with participating universities. An agreed number of students and staff are exchanged each year between TU Dublin (City Campus) and the partner institution. The time students spend in the host institution is fully recognized by TU Dublin (City Campus) as integral part of your programme through the use of the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS). ECTS is internationally recognised, which means that students will be able to have their learning recognised at other European and international Institutes and universities as well as back in TU Dublin (City Campus). Every module you undertake in TU Dublin (City Campus) has an ECTS value attached to it. You accumulate the ECTS through successful completion of modules each year. Your Academic Coordinator will advise on the number of Credits that will be required of you during your Erasmus mobility. However the usual for one semester is 30ECTS and for one academic year it is 60ECTS.

For Work Placement Mobilty your Placement Coordinator will be able to advise on the ECTS value that is awarded to you on successful completion of your Work Placement. The usual is 15 ECTS for a stay of 3 months, and 30ECTS for a stay of 6+ months. 

Is Erasmus compulsory for TU Dublin (City Campus) students?

Erasmus is a compulsory element of the following programmes at TU Dublin (City Campus):

  • BA International Business & Languges (French, Spanish, German, Italy )
  • BA Journalism with Language (French)
  • BA Languages and International Tourism (French, Spanish, German)

Many other Colleges and Schools are actively involved in the programme, either for Study or Work Placement. To see if it is an option for you please contact the Academic/Placement Coordinator attached to your School.

How do I apply for an exchange?

The application process varies slightly in each school. Information Sessions are held each semester by the European Student Officer and these will be advertised at School level.
The outline below is a general guideline for students. If you have specific queries please contact the European Student Officer.

  • A list of partner institutions is available on the website. There is also a list of corresponding Erasmus Academic Co-ordinators in each TU Dublin (City Campus) School.
  • Research the partner institutions. Many of the partner institutions will have websites in English for incoming Erasmus students. Talk to the relevant Academic Co-ordinator, students who have been on Erasmus and to incoming Erasmus students.
  • Submit your name and preference to the relevant academic co-ordinator in School as your School may have to shortlist students depending on the number of applicants.
  • Once your application has been confirmed by your School you should complete the Grant Application Form (on website). The form should be signed by the relevant academic co-ordinator and sent to the International Student Office.
  • Your name will then be sent to the host institution and you will follow the host institution's application procedure for Erasmus students.

What is the difference between the home and host institution?

Your home institution is TU Dublin (City Campus). The Erasmus Code for TU Dublin (City Campus) is IRL DUBLIN 27.

The host institution is the partner institution where you spend your exchange period.

What should I do if I change my mind after submitting my application?

If you decide not to go ahead with your Erasmus exchange for specific reasons you should notify the International Student Office immediately. You should also notifiy your Erasmus Academic Advisor.

What is the deadline for application?

The deadline for Semester 1/Full Academic Year Erasmus exchanges is usually the last friday in March of each year. The deadline for Semester 2 Erasmus exchanges will be the last Friday in June of each year. After June if there are further grants available, a subsequent application period will be opened in September. Please note your host institution may have earlier closing dates and therefore it is important to get your application in as early as possible so to avoid missing any closing dates.

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