Validation of Phytochemicals

Dr James Curtin. Cytotoxic activity of Ursolic Acid from Cranberry extracts.

Ursolic Acid is a non-toxic triterpenoid compound that is widely found in food, medicinal herbs and other plants. It has been used in cosmetics and some health products and has reported anti-tumour capabilities. The characterisation of the anti-tumour effects of ursolic acid promises will help us identify therapeutic targets.


Dr Steve Meaney. Transcriptional therapy with natural epigenetic regulators.

Normal foodstuffs contain numerous molecules which are able to modulate the epigenome, essentially partially reprogramming cells to develop different characteristics. Transcriptional therapy is based on the concept that rational reprogramming to achieve defined effects is achievable using these epigenetic regulators. Modulation of the epigenome has been shown to have beneficial effects for major diseases such as cancer and cardiovascular disease. Use of natural regulators will expedite the translation of results from bench to the patient.

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