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The Food Health Research Centre (FHRC) brings together DIT staff with active research programmes in the area of food and health into one centre of research thus consolidating the research activities and creating a critical mass of food-related expertise. The aim of the FHRC is to develop and conduct innovative multidisciplinary research in relation to food and health.


The FHRC represents one of the strategic research priority areas in the Environmental Sustainability and Health Institute (ESHI). It has evolved from years of applied and interdisciplinary research in the food and nutritional health areas in DIT. It facilitates collaborative research between food safety, nutraceuticals, food technology in addition to human nutrition and dietetics, thus providing unique, holistic approaches to food and health.

The FHRC contributes to the Irish government’s initiative for developing a ‘Smart Economy’ by focusing on novel and innovative solutions, and demystifying some of the misconceptions surrounding the relationship between health and diet. This group has a very strong record of interdisciplinary policy led, applied research that includes collaborations with industry partners and government agencies. As part of the ESHI it acts as a cohesive unit that responds to the National and European research agenda (e.g. Harvest 2020; Horizon 2020) where health and sustainability of food systems are two important issues requiring holistic approaches to ensure the inclusion of all stakeholders, application of innovative solutions and education of producers and consumers. 









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