Food Product Development and Culinary Innovation

Dr Catherine Barry-Ryan. Mushroom flavour profile.

Customers are key to Monaghan Mushrooms. Dr Barry Ryan’s desire is to fully understand why the customers like or dislike the flavour of mushrooms? Correlation of instrumental and sensory analysis of cultivated and speciality mushrooms would provide Monaghan Mushrooms with data that would enable them in the future to improve mushroom strain selections with flavour compounds that the customer wants.


Dr Roisin Burke. Development of innovative food and drink products.

Dr. Burke’s research focuses on using Molecular Gastronomy and its applications to develop innovative food and drink products. The chemistry and physics of culinary transformations are examined e.g. to improve flavour release in emulsion based recipes. An application of Molecular Gastronomy, ‘note-by-note cooking’, is being used to create novel foods. Dishes are made using pure compounds instead of using animal or plant products.


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