Food Safety and Diagnostic Tools

Dr David O’ Connor. Improving beef quality for consumers.

Dr O’Connor, in collaboration with Teagasc at the Ashtown Food Research centre, is working on a project designed to improve and add value to the quality of beef products. This research project utilises gas mixtures in pre-treatments to preserve the “healthy” red colour of meat and combine the advantages and safety of Modified Atmospheric and Vacuum Packaging for the benefit of producers and consumers.


Dr Carl Sullivan and Dr Patrick Cullen. The Meatsense Project. 

This project will develop spectral based systems to predict meat quality and ensure product safety. A prototype area scanning NIR Hyperspectral Imaging (HSI) system will be developed and assessed for detailed meat inspection. Additional devices will be used to monitor meat products; major beef constituents (e.g. moisture, protein and fat), physical properties (pH, colour, water holding capacity, and slice shear force) and consumer assessed eating quality (odour, flavour, juiciness and tenderness).


Dr Patrick Cullen. Opticlean project as a cleaning validation technique.

Pharmaceutical cleaning validation techniques are laborious, time consuming and expensive. The aim of the Dr Cullen’s OPTICLEAN project was to produce an effective portable optical system for cleaning verification in the pharmaceutical industry. Research focused on developing a portable imaging device that would provide accurate information in real-time, facilitating the development of a technology to be trialled in the pharmaceutical industry as a cleaning validation tool.


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