Human Health, Nutrition and Dietetics

This area of research focuses on a number of factors involved in public health and nutrition with the aim of promoting healthy eating and associated lifestyle behaviours. Specific areas of research include obesity, Infant feeding, status and evidence based solutions at demographic level and diet and eye health.


Dr Claire Corish and Dr John Kearney. Managing Food on Shift Work.

Sponsored by safefood and in collaboration with Professor Barbara Livingstone in the University of Ulster, the ‘Managing Food on Shift Work’ project aims to investigate the barriers and facilitators to healthy eating and associated lifestyle behaviours among Irish shift workers, the results of which will form the basis on which national recommendations will be made.


Dr Daniel McCartney. Health behaviours during pregnancy.

Dr McCartney investigates how diet and nutrient intake and other health behaviours in pregnancy affect the long term health outcomes of mothers and their infants. There is an increasing recognition of the critical role which maternal diet plays in determining offspring’s lifelong risk of chronic diseases such as obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases, certain cancers and osteoporosis. These disorders all occur with high frequency in the Irish population, and there is now evidence that poor maternal diet may be instrumental in these high disease rates, especially among lower socioeconomic groups.


Dr Daniel McCartney. Blood Pressure Management Programme.

Dr. Daniel McCartney is a Lecturer in Human Nutrition & Dietetics at DIT and is the Principle Investigator on this study. He is a founder of Diet and Health Solutions Ltd., developers of the software application for the dietary management of blood pressure. The trial has been designed to assess the effectiveness of delivering blood pressure lowering advice online. 


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