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Vision Research Group, Environmental Health Sciences Institute (EHSI), secures ?422,088 Irish Aid funding

Date Posted: 1 July, 2014

Building on the foundations of the groundbreaking Mozambique Eyecare Project, a Human Resources Development for Eye Health (HRDEH) proposal, led by Dr. James Loughman of the Environmental Health Sciences Institute (EHSI) at Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT), has successfully secured funding of €422,088 under the Irish Aid/Higher Education Authority Programme of Strategic Cooperation Phase 3.

In partnership with Mzuzu University in Malawi, the International Centre for Eyecare Education and Africa Vision Research Institute in South Africa, the HRDEH initiative aims to contribute to the development of competently skilled human resources for health in Africa. With participating institutions of higher learning from ten countries across Africa, the project will by the end of 3 years have developed a sustainable solution to the challenge of human resources for eye health through the development of faculty for the institutions of higher learning.

This proposal builds on the successful implementation of undergraduate optometry training programmes, into a post-graduate Faculty Development programme to ensure sustainable, comprehensive health service delivery to the poor by increasing the capacity of optometry faculty members. This proposal is specifically aimed at:

(a)  Strengthening eye care and related health systems at Schools of Optometry in Africa;

(b)  Implement eye health strategies in partnership with the Ministries of Health that meet the needs of the poor and the marginalized;

(c)  Address the health needs of the poor by increasing capacity within the eye health sector

(d)  Ensure a coherent response to eye health through Irish Aid support. 

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