ESHI is responding to environmental health research needs despite current resource constraints and prevailing economic circumstances. The research programme builds on respective and complementary expertise of Environmental Health Academics and Practitioners (EHAPs) and consolidates activities in a truly interdisciplinary Institute aligned to the central objectives of DIT‘s research strategy. 

ESHI’s research corresponds to many of the priority areas for future investment in public research as identified in the report by the Irish Government’s Research Prioritisation Steering Group (Forfás, 2012). Such collaborative and interdisciplinary research shall contribute to improvements in quality of life, impact on policies and potentially lead to enterprise development. The interdisciplinary teams pursue specific areas of research focus to provide the evidence base and develop interventions consistent with the specific objectives of Ireland‘s National Environmental Health Action Plan (NEHAP).


Specific areas of Research include:

Food   Water   Enegry
Policy   Bio- Monitoring   Cross-cutting Research Activities


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