Sustainable Development

Liam Mc Carton, C. Eng; Dr Sean O'hOgain. Sustainable Water Supply in Ireland.

Sustainable water technology is concerned with the complete range of technologies, techniques, products and processes that will enable humankind to reduce the impact of water production and water consumption on the environment and to establish a more sustainable mode of development. 


Sustainable development of water resources involves considerations of population growth, urbanisation, industrialisation, land use practices, climate change and water recycling. As these factors are constantly changing, both in themselves and with respect to each other, any consideration of sustainable water resource management must take a short term and a long term view. To facilitate discussion of sustainable water resource management the following structure will be adapted:

1. Quantification of Renewable resources.

2. Water Quality Protection.

3. Conservation by the producer/consumer.

4. Product substitution/Recycling.

5. Integrated water management systems.

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