Wastewater Treatment

Dr Sean O’hOgáin, Liam Mc Carton, C Eng., Anna Reid and Dr John Turner. Zero Discharge Wastewater Treatment Systems Using Reed Willow Bed Combinations in Ireland.

Reed willow beds have the potential to achieve a zero discharge wastewater treatment system. A two year study monitored the performance of a reed willow bed facility at Lynches Lane, Co. Dublin, Ireland. Monitoring data included: influent and effluent parameters, rainfall, potential evapotranspiration, and soil classification. The results showed that zero discharge was achieved. There is potential for expanded use of this type of system to help Ireland fulfil its obligations regarding domestic wastewaters treated using septic tanks.


 Dr Patrick Cullen, Dr Paula Bourke and Dr Vladamir Milosavljevic. Watertreat: Cold Plasma treatment of waste water.

This project is co-ordinated by researchers from Food & Health Research Centre in ESHI. The project aim is to design build and validate an innovative rapid effluent treatment solution for the agri-food sector. The project will utilise the afterglow created during cold plasma discharge to treat process effluent waters from vegative and animal sources. A novel high voltage dielectric discharge barrier will be optimised to maximise the production of reactive oxygen species and diffused immediately within the effluent.

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