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Exam Frequently Asked Questions

Each registered student is automatically set up with a Login and Password for the self service system, you can access your exam results in this system as well as selecting your modules.   Each student is set up with a default login, this is your Student ID number and the password is your six digit date of birth.  You will be prompted to change this when you first sign in.  For full instructions on how to activate your self service account please access the How to Activate your Self Service Account User Guide. 

Problem Accessing Exam Results

If you cannot access the system:

There are generally four reasons why students cannot access their account so you should run through this check list to see if any apply to you.

Fees Outstanding

Don’t forget in order to access your exam results you will need to be a fully registered student with no outstanding fees on your account


Remember the balance of fees for students who commenced in September 2016 is due by 31st January 2017,  if you have fees outstanding after this date your pin will be locked and you will be unable to access the system .


You can check the status of your fees account here using the same login details as above.  If you have fees outstanding you can make your payment using this system. 


If you are an International Student you should contact the fees office to check the status of your account.


PIN Expired

Your PIN expires automatically every 90 days,  you will be prompted to reset your pin on your next login.


Too many attempts

Too many attempts with an incorrect pin will lock your account, please contact student services or the Registration service to have your pin reset. If after your results are released you are still experiencing difficulties with your PIN please contact your exams office for further information.



Your PIN is blocked and you are unsure why, please contact student services or the Registration service for advice. If after your results are released you are still experiencing difficulties with your PIN please contact your exams office for further information.


Your pin may have been disabled for a variety of reasons; examples below:

1. Immediately before exam results are released all student pins are blocked to allow input of results, therefore you should wait to recieve an email from your exams office notifying you that your results are available to view before contacting them regarding a disabled pin. 

2. If you have outstanding fees for the academic year; if this is the case you need to contact the fees office on 01-4027500 or email and arrange to pay your fees. Once your fees have been paid your pin will be unblocked and you can then access module selection.

3. I have tried to log in but have made too many attempts and now my pin is disabled.  Please contact your local exams office to have your pin reset dont forget you should wait to recieve an email from your exams office notifying you that your results are available to view before contacting them regarding a disabled pin. 

Before Exams

The location of the exam will be detailed to each student in advance of the date normally with the exam timetable (available here).  Students should familiarise themselves with the location of the exam prior to the date of their first exam. On occasion the location of an exam may change for operational reasons, students should check the website for updates in advance of the day.

During Exams

  • Students shall not have in their possession while in the exam, any computing equipment, including electronic organisers, programmable calculators, mobile phones,i-pads,smart watches, recording equipment, radio, books, dictionaries, notes or paper whatsoever except for answer books and other materials as shall be authorised and/or provided by the Invigilator.  The only equipment allowed is that which has been authorised by both the Examinations Office and the Disability Service.

  • A student whose behaviour is disruptive and who persists in such behaviour following a warning shall be expelled by the Exams Officer.  In such circumstances all materials issued to the student shall be retained by the Invigilator.

If you think you have the wrong exam paper it is important that you notify and check with the exam invigilator immediately, it is up to you to ensure you are in possession of the correct paper and that you follow the instructions printed on the exam paper and the answer book.

  • Normally, no student shall be admitted to the Exam more than one half hour after the start of the exam; in exceptional circumstances however, and provided that no other student sitting the same paper has left the Exam a student may be admitted later, at the discretion of the Exam Secretary.  In such circumstances extra time will not normally be allowed.

In the event of fire or other serious cause the safety of the students and the Institute’s staff shall be the primary concern and the Invigilator(s) shall evacuate the Exam in an orderly manner and without delay.  In such circumstances the exam shall be declared void and shall be rescheduled.

After Exams

If you have failed your repeat exam/s you have three possible options open to you :


1. Carry the module into the next year:

Students may only ever carry a maximum of 10 ECTS credits so if you have failed more than 10 ECTS Credits this option is not available to you.

Each school has different rules regarding carry modules and the decision of the exam board regarding carries is final. 

In some cases schools will not allow their students to carry any modules they retain the right to do.   


2. Internally repeat 


3. Externally repeat