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Project Overview

FluenCi is a distance learning project which allows students to study HOW something was said - not just WHAT was said.

There is an acute awareness that immigrant citizens cannot function as full members of their host communities without sufficient linguistic skills, particularly spoken language.

Integration requires familiarisation with native-to-native spoken language, both for reception and production.

A characteristic of native dialogue is that almost 60% of informal speech is prefabricated, and the absence/incorrect intonation of these formulaic sequences marks speakers as outsiders. Because they are so common, formulaic sequences are prone to delivery in a manner which indicates speaker attitude rather than just transmitting factual information.

The FluenCi project therefore plans to develop an English PHRASeCON, a prioritised selection of collocations, phrases and idioms which exemplify the role of intonation in informal native dialogues. It will embed these in realistic, communicative contexts, record them at a high audio quality and make them available to distance learners via the web. Slowed-down versions of the recordings will help raise learners' awareness of the role of different intonation patterns.

A selection of exemplar learning materials will be produced, aimed at various target groups, including undergraduates, the socially marginalised, immigrants and trainee teachers.








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