The FOCAS Research Institute - TU Dublin, was established under the Higher Education Authority Programme for Research in Third Level Institutions, Cycle 1 (1999-2001), co-funded by the EU.

The facility addresses the common needs of research activities in Science and Engineering. The venture is founded on established expertise within the Institute and aims to consolidate and develop this expertise, while nurturing developing research activities within TU Dublin.

Thus it promotes interdisciplinary collaborations within the Institute and with other national and international bodies, and provides a support service for national industry.

The 3200m2 facility, to the rear of the TU Dublin Kevin Street site in the heart of Dublin, provides state of the art core laboratory support in microscopy and spectroscopy for a range of research groups and activities.  The facilities were consolidated under PRTLI Cycle 4 (2007-2013), co-funded by the EU Regional Development Fund, through the Integrated NanoScience Platform for Ireland and the National Biophotonics and Imaging Platform Ireland and are incorporated as a pilot site in the EuroBioImaging programme.

FOCAS now houses an unrivalled suite of instrumentation for spectroscopic (UV to far IR) characterisation and imaging (Raman, FTIR) and optical (Confocal fluorescence), scanning probe (AFM, conductive AFM) and electron microscopy (SEM, WDX, EDX, variable pressure/cryo SEM, TEM).

FOCAS contributes strongly to the development of self-sustaining research teams in a number of strategic areas, such as:

Future Networks and Communications
Data Analytics, Management, Security and Privacy
Digital Platforms, Content and Applications
Connected Health and Independent Living
Medical Devices
Therapeutics - Synthesis, Formulation, Processing and Drug Delivery
Food for Health

Examples of recent notable research outputs include novel technologies for cervical cancer screening , novel technologies for security and brand protection and antibacterial surface coatings.  It furthermore underpins postgraduate research as well as undergraduate project work and undergraduate and postgraduate course curriculum development. 

The FOCAS Research Institute is a one-stop-shop for characterisation of materials and processes and operates an open access policy with expert technical and scientific support.

For further details on accessing the expertise and the facilities please contact:


Governance and Management of Focas