CyFlow® Space Flow Cytometer

cyflow Overview:

The modern flow cytometer consists of a light source, collection optics, electronics and a computer to translate signals to data. The light source of choice is a laser which emits coherent light at a specified wavelength. Scattered and emitted fluorescent light is collected by two lenses, one set in front of the light source (forward scatter) and one set at right angles (side scatter) and by a series of optics, beam splitters and filters, specific bands of fluorescence can be measured. The ability to simultaneously measure multiple parameters on a cell by cell basis is probably the most powerful aspect of analytical flow cytometry. This allows flow cytometry to be used for a wide range of applications in the biological and medical fields.

Flow cytometry is a powerful tool that measures the functional and structural characteristics of heterogeneous mixtures of cells and particles in suspension based on their ability to scatter light. Modern flow cytometric methodologies such multicolor staining and sorting enables an extensive range of applications such as light-scattering properties, DNA content, cell cycle analysis, apoptosis, blood cell analysis, as well as the measure of intracellular biochemical changes (e.g., calcium flux and pH).

CyFlow® Space Flow Cytometer is an analyser and cell sorter that offers two laser light sources, a blue diode pumped solid-state laser (20mW) at 488 nm and a red laser diode at 638 nm (25mW). The instrument is capable of detecting 5 fluorescent signals e.g. FITC, PE, PE-Cy5, PE-Cy7 and APC. Cell Sorter Module performs 1 way sorting that enables input up to 10,000 cells per second and output for highest purity (99%) of sorted fraction up to 300 cells per second.

cyflow2 Technical Specifications:

-2 laser light sources
-20mW@488nm blue solid state laser
-25mW@638nm red diode laser
-7 optical parameters-5 colours: FSC,SSC, FL1-FL5
-WindowsTM XP/Vista FloMax® software for real-time data acquisition, data display and data analysis
-True volumetric absolute counting
-Parallel 16bit digital pulse processing
-High fluorescence sensitivity <100 MESF (FITC) <50 MESF (PE)
-Small Particle Detection <200nm in both, scatter and fluorescence
-Colour CCDcamera for video flow monitor
-Pulse-height/width discrimination
-Multiparameter N-colour compensation (online and offline)
-PPCS particle and 1 way Cell Sorter
-RobbyWellTM 96- well plate autoloader