Horiba Jobin Yvon LabRAM HR 800


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The Horiba Jobin Yvon LabRAM HR system provides ultra high spectroscopic resolution and a unique wavelength range capability that provides both great flexibility and high performance. It is a an integrated, simple to use, and high stability bench-top instrument designed to undertake reproducible Raman measurements at high, medium or even low spectral resolution. The high resolution mode is uniquely ideal for subtle band analysis such as that for phase (crystalline/amorphous), of proteins, hydrogen and weak bonding forces and semiconductor stress measurements in fact most applications where it is important for the precise characterization of position or shape of the Raman spectral features. Band analysis in the order of 0.3 cm-1 to 1 cm-1 is particularly suited to the HR mode. Its dual capabilities also enable more routine Raman analysis and even broader band laser induced micro-fluorescence or luminescence to be conducted all upon the same bench-top instrument.

The LabRAM HR high resolution system offers unparalleled flexibility and performance:

-Unique high, medium and low resolution multichannel spectral modes.
-Suitable for Raman, fluorescence and luminescence measurements.
-True confocality - maximum spatial resolution and better defined images.
-Multiple laser capability, from visible to near IR (extended NIR and UV versions).
-Ultimate stability.
-Large 1024 pixel CCD chip dimensions - various chip formats are available.
-Unique adjustable angle notch filter technology.
-Automated software operation including external cooling stages.
-Fast Map imaging modes.

Technical Specifications:

-Confocal microscope

-300 gr/mm, 600 gr/mm, 950 gr/mm, and 1800 gr/mm gratings

-3 objectives, 10x, 50x, 100x

-Full area CCD detector, 1024 x 256 pixel, -70 C, air cooled

-Dual Path optics * UV-VIS-NIR optimized coupling mirrors for enhancing throughput in all regions Incl. Motorised filter wheel with ND filters

-SWIFT-Scan Capabilities

-Both Andor EMCCD*, Synapse Detectors
*Air cooled Back Illuminated EMCCD. Mounted on second exit port. 1600 x 200 chip, optimized with EM Gain 150

Laser lines available:

474nm solid state diode laser (50mW) with double edge filter upgrade (cut off below 100cm-1)
785nm CLDS point mode diode laser for confocal Raman measurements. 300mW output, air cooled, double edge filter upgrade (cut off to 70cm-1)
532nm solid state diode laser (50mW) narrow bandwidth version with double edge filter upgrade (cut off to 50cm-1)
660nm solid state diode laser (100mW) standard bandwidth version with double edge filter upgrade (cut off to 70cm-1)

DuoScan - UV-Visible-NIR area scanning mode based on the use of two XY scanners and offering 2 modes of operation:

Scanning Mode: for average Raman data recorded from a large area, thereby also preventing damage of photo sensitive materials.

Stepping Mode (confocal): discrete motion of the XY scanners to acquire Raman maps.