Olympus SZX-ZB12 Research Stereo Microscope

olympus Overview:

The SZX12 stereo microscope offers a zoom ratio of 12.86 and a zoom range of 0.7 x - 9 x. The DFPLAPO1xPF objective lens provides high resolution, high contrast and distortion free images. The lens' apochromatic characteristics eliminate chromatic aberration and ensure excellent colour reproduction in all zoom ranges. The working distance is 74 mm. With the 10x eyepiece lenses (FN 22) the total magnification range is 7x - 90 x and the field of view ranges from 31.4 - 2.4 mm. The microscope is equipped with an Olympus DP10 digital camera run by DP Soft software which controls image acquisition, measurement, annotating and archiving.

Technical Specifications:

Zoom microscope bodies

-Zoom variable magnification system with parallel optical axis
Zoom drive system: Horizontal handle click-stop for various zoom positions incorporated.
-Zoom ratio: 12. 86(0.7x-9x)
Total magnification indication:
-Objective mounting: Screw mount
- Built-in aperture iris diaphragm

SZX-FO focusing unit

-Focus: rack and pinion with roller guide (with torque adjustment ring for coarse focusing), counter balance optional, coarse handle, coarse handle stroke: 80mm (stroke per rotation: 21.2mm).

SZX-TR30 30º trinocular head

-Tilting angle: 30º, Light path selection: 2 steps (100% binocular tube, 20% binocular tube and 80% photo), Interpupillary distance adjustment: 50-76mm, with eyepiece fixing knob, eyepiece: WHS series.

SZX-ST stand

-Pillar height: 270mm, base dimension: 300(W) x 260(D) x 30(H),
stage clips are mountable with stage adapter fixing screw holes.