FOCAS Outreach

FOCAS is committed to promoting Science in Ireland. One of the key ways in which it does this is through its Outreach programme which endeavours to introduce the wider community to the work that is carried out in FOCAS by its Staff and Students.


Fun with Outer Space


On October 14th 2014, FOCAS visited Belmayne Educate Together where the students were able to supplement what they had learnt about Outer Space with real life experiments designed by Dr. Theresa Hedderman-Bowe. These practical experiments were perfect to illustrate some of the peculiarities of Outer Space and helped the students visualise what they were learning. See below for the full report.

2014 Belmayne Educate Together - Outer Space


Science Of Crime Secondary School Competition 2014

 CSI Tour Report 2014


The STEM Programme

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.

TU Dublin recognises that STEM subjects have strategic importance in higher education for the economy and employers. Furthermore TU Dublin appreciates that the student learning experience in STEM subjects is vital in ensuring sustained growth in the uptake of these key disciplines. An excellent learning experience ensures that students have developed the right skills at the time of graduation and beyond through continued professional development.

The TU Dublin FOCAS Research Institute strives to provide such a learning experience not only for the students but also the wider community. Its commitment to STEM and to an excellent learning experience is evident in the Grasshopper STEM Engagement Programme. This programme is a community outreach programme tailored specifically for primary schools. It was developed and is run by Dr Theresa Hedderman-Bowe. The vision behind the programme is that by introducing STEM at grass root levels the up-take of STEM subjects in secondary schools will increase, which will in turn feed into third level and beyond. The Grasshopper STEM Engagement Programme is in essence a series of science learning activities with an interactive approach. The pupils get an introduction to matter in the different phases and their unique characteristics in a student centred learning environment. The investigative tool fostered by the STEM programme is structured inquiry based learning.

The Grasshopper STEM Engagement Programme may be viewed by clicking on the link below.

Grasshopper STEM Programme 2014


Examples of the Grasshopper STEM Engagement Programme:

Grasshopper Science Week 2013 Report

Grasshopper STEM Project Belmayne 2014

Easter Science Camp 2014



The BORN Project

The Born Project is a STEM transition year programme run by the FOCAS Research Institute. The programme entails the student designing a science show which they then present to their school. The aim of the programme is to give transition year students insight into scientific research. The students learn skills such as research techniques, project and time management and presentation skills.


Examples of the BORN Project:

BORN Project 2013 - Fionn McNeill



For more information on the FOCAS Research Institute's Outreach programmes, please contact Theresa Hedderman-Bowe.