Dr. Denise Denning

Phone: +353 1 4027905


Technical Officer - Instrumentation


I received a Bachelor of Science in Applied Physics (First Class Honours) from Dublin City University in 2010. After several research projects in the area of biophysics, including a scholarship to conduct research in Cornell University, I undertook a PhD in the Conway Institute in University College Dublin with my thesis entitled "Probing electromechanical coupling in collagen at the nanoscale via scanning probe microscopy". I was awarded my PhD in 2014, after which I completed a 3 year postdoc in the Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam. I joined the FOCAS Institute technical team in June 2018.

Principle Research Interests:

- Understanding biological systems using physical approaches, from single-molecule to soft matter systems
- Materials research and characterization
- Advanced Atomic Force Microscopy techniques
- Electron Microscopy