lukeDr. Luke O'Neill

Phone: +353 1 4027906


Technican - Spectroscopy Researcher

Bio & Qualifications:

Received with distinction Technician Diploma in Applied Sciences (Physics option) in 2000 from DIT Kevin Street. My growing interest in Physics lead me to complete a Bachelor of Arts degree in Physics and Physics Technology, from DIT Kevin Street in 2002 in which I completed a final year thesis on the use of Carbon nanotubes for molecuar Recognition under the supervison of Prof. Hugh Byrne and Dr Theresa Hedderman. Research became my calling and I received my PhD in Physics, from DIT Kevin Street in 2006 with a research thesis entitled "Structure Property Relationships in Pi Conjugated Organic ", supervised by Prof. Hugh J. Byrne.

Principal Research Interests:

-Eludication and optimiastion of photohphysical processs in organic polymers
-Investigation of potential inrognaic thereuptics with a view to optimation of favourable characteritics for both photo-dynamic and metastatic properties.
-Atomic Force Microscopy
-Raman Spectroscopy
-Transient Spectroscopy

List of Publications and Presentations