‌Dr. Theresa Hedderman-Bowe

Phone: +353 1 4027907
Email: theresa.hedderman@dit.ie



Technician - Chemical Support


Bio & Qualifications:

Graduated with B.A. (mod.) (Hons) in Chemistry in 1999 from Trinity College Dublin. Undertook a PhD on a part-time basis in January 2001 and graduated in 2006. The research explored novel materials, carbon fibers. Recently supervised a PhD project titled "A study of structure-property relationship between single wall carbon nanotubes and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons" by Sourabhi Debnath.


Principal Research Interests:

Current research interests involve investigating the potential of carbon fibers to purify contaminated water.

The availability of potable water is a global crisis. Carbon materials have shown potential to treat contaminated water. Research has shown that carbon materials such as charcoal and activated carbon materials have been used to treat waste water. This project proposes to introduce nanocarbon fibers known as single walled carbon nanotube, multi walled carbon nanotubes and fullerenes to treat contaminated water in the hope of producing potable water. It is proposed that the nanofilter will allow steps in the current filtration method to be bypassed thereby increasing the amount of potable water available in a shorter space of time with no additional energy requirement which would be very desirable given the current global energy crisis. The proposed organic nanofilter will be assessed via spectroscopic and microscopic techniques along with a host of other analytical techniques such as chromatography and ICP on both fresh and salt water samples. If successful not only will Ireland’s but the world’s potable water crisis will be substantially alleviated by the new development in technology. The proposed end result of the project is a commercially viable filter. The project as a whole will contribute greatly to enhancing and developing the environment and the economy in a green manner through increased knowledge, techniques and expertise in environmental science.

List of Publications and Presentations