Staff Safety Representatives


The employees at a place of work are entitled to select and appoint a statutory safety representative. A statutory safety representative does not have any duties (as opposed to functions), under the 2005 Act, other than those that apply to employees generally. They may however consult with and make representations to the employer on safety, health and welfare matters relating to employees in the place of work.


Any employee may be nominated for selection and direct appointment. Statutory safety representatives are elected per College/Directorate and Campus. There may be a total of four direct appointments. If five nominations are received, an election will be held by the Safety Team. A term of office of three years is advisable. The Secretariat for each Safety Team notifies the Health and Safety Office of all appointments made and the Health and Safety Office maintains a central list. The chairperson of the safety representative group is a nominee on the DIT Health and Safety Sub - committee.


DIT allows for sufficient time off duties, without loss of remuneration, for statutory safety representatives to undertake training and to discharge their functions. This agreement is addressed locally with the Chair of each Safety Team and line management.


The statutory safety representatives is informed of and invited to all relevant Safety Team meetings.


Further information on the role of Safety Representatives can be found in ‘Safety Representatives and Safety Consultation Guidelines’ which is available here.


Staff Safety Representatives


Please take note of the safety representative for your area.  








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