‌‌‌Hospitality is a growing sector in Ireland and worldwide.  It is a diverse and exciting industry that provides an abundance of employment opportunities at home and elsewhere around the globe.  The demand for hospitality graduates is growing each year within the global hotel, leisure, industrial, business, health and education sectors.

These dynamic courses provide an industry focused curriculum taught through a range of practical and academic learning styles to maximize the learning experience.  Students learn all the necessary business skills to equip them for management, while getting plenty of opportunities to put their skills into practice. 

We offer the following programmes in hospitality.

Full-time Undergraduate programmes:


DT408 BA (Ordinary) Hospitality Management

DT 401 BSc (Honours) International Hospitality Management

DT 408A BSc (Honours) Hospitality Management (one year add-on)

Part-time Undergraduate programmes:


DT451 Higher Certificate in Hospitality Services Management

DT 458 Higher Certificate in Hospitality Management

DT460E BA (Ordinary) in Hospitality Management

Both full-time and part-time Postgraduate programmes:


DT9477 MSc in Hospitality Management (part time)

DT9435 MSc in Hospitality Management (full-time)


Candiates who wish to consider PhD research in the field of tourism should contact research@dit.ie

Short Courses (CPD- Continuing Professional Development)

We also offer a range of short courses (or CPD - Continuing Professional Development).  See here for the full list of courses.

Have a look at this video for a snapshot as to what it's like to work in the hospitality industry.