US Links

Service-learning is a US development and although it has spread to other countries the research, literature base and activity is significantly based in the US. Even Arne Duncan, the present US Secretary of Education, has had some experience of the method when he worked in Chicago.

The research project and activity that led to this book was supported by a number of key US specialists as follows:

  • Dwight Giles (University of Massachusetts, Boston) visited TCD to review the work at the end of the research phase
  • Edward Zlotkowski (Bentley University, Massachusetts) visited DIT as a Fulbright Scholar to support the 2005-8 project
  • Andrew Furco (University of Minnesota) visited DIT to support the 2005-8 project
  • Stephen Fischer (Emory and Henry College, Virginia) visited DIT prior to the 2005-8 project to discuss service-learning
  • Barbara Jacoby (University of Maryland) provided early advice and support on project fundraising for service-learning

The following key resources are US based: