Bernadette Quinn

Dr Bernadette Quinn lectures in the College of Arts and Tourism at the DIT. She is a Human Geographer whose research interests include arts festivals and events, tourism and cultural change, tourism, heritage and memory. She teaches modules on international event management, tourism policy and planning and cultural tourism, and is Programme Chair of the MSc Event Management. Her research has been widely published in leading geography, urban, leisure and tourism journals.

  • Arts festivals and cultural events
  • Relationship between culture and tourism
  • Tourism, heritage & memory
  • Women and tourism 


Quinn, B. (2013) Key Concepts in Event Management. London: Sage. (ISBN: 10 1849205604; 13 978 1849205603)

Journal articles

Roche, D. & Quinn, B. (accepted, forthcoming) Heritage sites and school children: insights from the Battle of the Boyne, Journal of Heritage Tourism

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Chapters in Edited Books

Quinn, B. with Craggs, R,. Gorman, C. Griffin, K. Mottiar, Z. & Ryan, T. (2015 Forthcoming) ‘Students in Action’, a destination-based learning approach to student engagement in Benckendorff, P. & Zehrer, A. (Eds.) International Handbook of Teaching & Learning in Tourism, Edward Elgar

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Industry Reports (not refereed)

Mottiar, Z., Quinn, B. & Ryan, T. (2014) The Gathering Ireland 2013: Measuring the Social and Community Impact. Dublin: Fáilte Ireland.

Mottiar, Z., Quinn, B. Ryan, T. & Stacey, J. (2013) Building Collaboration Between the Arts & Culture and Tourism Sectors in the West of Ireland.  Dublin: Fáilte Ireland.

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Conference Papers

Quinn, B. & Ryan, T. (2015) Mindful or mindless? Tourists at heritage sites. Paper presented at the Critical Tourism Studies conference, 26 – 29 June, Opatija, Croatia.

Quinn, B. & Wilks, L. (2015) A social whirlwind of a week: disruptions of place and people at two festivals. Paper presented at Creating Leisure: the annual conference of the Leisure Studies Association, 7 – 9 July, Bournemouth University, UK

Quinn, B. & Wilks, L. (2015) Disruptions of place and people at two festivals. Paper presented at the 12th European Sociological Association conference, 25 – 28 August, Prague. 

PhD Projects Supervised to Completion

2014 - Sean T Ruane Real Ireland: An investigation into US tourists’ holiday photographs

2009 - Theresa Ryan A comparative case study of the factors underpinning tourism development in Killarney and Clifden in Ireland


PhD Project Supervisions Ongoing

2015 – Li Zhi – The social impacts of international sports events in Hainan, China

2008 – Aoife Cowman -  Literary Tourism in Dublin


External Examining

2014 – 2017: School of Arts, De Montford University, Leicester, UK.

2011 – 2015: Tourism, Hospitality and Events Management Department, University Wales institute Cardiff, UK.

2008 – 2012: School of Marketing, Tourism and Languages, Napier University, Edinburgh, UK.

2004 – 2007: Tourism Faculty, Athlone Institute of Technology


PhD External Examining

2015 – University of Queensland, Australia

2012 – Leeds Metropolitan University, UK

2009 – Open University, Milton Keynes, UK

2007 – Kings College London, UK

2006 - Leeds Metropolitan University, UK


Editorial Board Membership

Journal of Policy Research in Tourism, Leisure & Events

Irish Journal of Arts Management & Cultural Policy