Detta Melia

Dr. Detta Melia is a lecturer in Hospitality Management with DIT in the School of Hospitality Management and Tourism. Dr. Melia lectures a diverse range of subjects, which include:

  • Managing Training and Development (Train the Trainer)
  • Communications  
  • Customer Care Management
  • Performance Management and Measurement
  • Food and Beverage Management 
  • Tourism and Hospitality Industry Studies
  • Project Management
  • Food Safety Management in Hospitality Operations
  • Industry Portfolio Management
  • Under graduate and post graduate thesis supervision


Dr. Melia completed her Doctorate with Loughborough University in the UK in March 2009. Her Doctorate research ‘Towards Performance Measurement in Hotels: An Incremental Approach’ had a particular focus on small and medium-sized independently owned hotels in Ireland. This research recommends a number of structured performance measurement models for the small hotel operation, the medium hotel operation and the large hotel or chain.

Dr. Melia is a graduate of GMIT, holds an MBA from the Open University, 1st class honours M.Sc (hospitality Management) from DIT and a post graduate Certificate in Teaching and Further Education from NUI Maynooth. She also holds qualifications from the Spirit and Wine Education Trust, Management of Food Hygiene from the National Hygiene Partnership and Train the Trainer qualifications from Failte Ireland and the City and Guilds of London Institute.

Dr. Melia is the programme chair for the Higher Certificate in Hospitality Services Management.  This programme is offered on a part-time basis run over two nights a week. Dr. Melia’s involvement includes programme development, the management and marketing of the programme and providing practical support services for a key sector of the college’s students.

Dr. Melia serves on the DIT wide Part-time Programme Committee: the committee that make policy recommendations and offer advice and recommendations regarding the coordination of part-time programme activity to stakeholders and to the Directorate of DIT.

Dr. Melia has a wide range of industrial experience in hospitality and tourism, predominately in senior management positions in hotels, conference and tourism organisations. Dr. Melia has worked on a number of consultancy and training projects in Ireland and abroad, some of which include a two-month tour in Vietnam setting up a Hospitality and Tourism College for the Vietnamese Tourism Authority on behalf of LuxDevelopment and supported by DIT.  In addition, she has worked on projects in USA, France, UK, Spain, Finland, Sweden, Italy, Northern Ireland and Ireland and worked closely with the Tourism Research Centre of the DIT on industry research and management development projects. She also has worked extensively on Corporation North projects in conjunction with Failte Ireland (CERT) and spent some time as a Bord Failte Inspector.

Dr. Melia has recently been elected to the College of Fellows of the Irish Hospitality Institute (IHI) for her contribution to Industry and education. She has served on the council of the IHI in the past and has held the position of chairperson of education when on council. She is also a member of the Irish Guild of Sommeliers and has completed two officerships on the council of the Guild.

Dr. Melia served on the school of Hospitality Management and Tourism’s School Review Committee and co-authored an extensive review on future trends in the global hospitality industry and its impact on hospitality education. This research was one of the many papers that formed the basis for the future of semesterisation and modularisation at the school.

Dr. Melia currently chairs the hospitality operations management subject team reviewing programmes for the forthcoming programmatic review within the School of Hospitality Management and Tourism at DIT.

Dr. Melia was awarded the Teaching Excellence Award in the School of Hospitality Management and Tourism in 2009. Dr. Melia was nominated by the students of the school.

Dr. Melia represents the School of Hospitality Management and Tourism on the Grangegorman Management Project Team and chairs a sub-committee reviewing catering for the campus at Grangegorman.

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