Mary O'Rawe

Mary O’Rawe lectures in Management, Innovation Management, and Strategic Management on a range of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes. Mary is a graduate of Ulster University where she was awarded the Cornell Scholarship,  and University of Strathclyde.

Mary has lectured on a number of programmes overseas, including Italy, Argentina, U.K., Hungary and the U.S. She is ‘professeur visitant’  at ESSEC Business School, Paris on their MBA in Hospitality Management (IMHI). She has also worked with hospitality companies and rural tourism groups in consultancy roles. Mary is the programme convenor of the AR VR Innovate conference(formerly Augmented Reality European Marketingconference)and panel moderator.

Mary has held a number of roles in the School of Hospitality Management and Tourism, including programme chair, year tutor, subject group leader, orientation and transition co-ordinator, and she chaired the school’s last full review process and has been the IATA/ITAA co-ordinator.

Mary has supervised over 200 undergraduate dissertations and postgraduate dissertations. She was a Cornell University ‘Research Fellow’ in 2002.

Mary developed the award-winning Get Smart! initiative in the school, as part of her work around first-year engagement and success.

Mary has contributed to a range of DIT strategy groups, including TU4D, Learning, Teaching and Assessment, First-Year Experience, E-Learning and Modularisation and has presented regularly at the Learning, Teaching and Technology Centre’s Annual Showcase of Teaching and Learning Innovations.

Awards and nominations

2016: Finalist, European E-Learning Awards, Prague (Get Smart! app)

2015/16: Nominee, ‘Outstanding first-year advocate’, First Year Experience and Students in Transition Society, U.S.A.

2015: U.K. Institute of Hospitality - ‘Research Excellence award’

2015: CHME (Council for Hospitality Management Education U.K.), Best paper award: annual conference, Manchester Metropolitan University, May

2013: D.I.T. College of Arts & Tourism recipient of ‘Teaching Excellence Award’ (overall, presented at DIT graduation)

2013: D.I.T. Teaching Excellence school nomination (student-nominated)

2012: D.I.T. Teaching Excellence Award – College of Arts & Tourism finalist

2012: D.I.T. Teaching Excellence school nomination (student-nominated)

2011: D.I.T. Teaching Excellence school nomination (student-nominated)

2010:  Recipient of Conul Highly Commended Award for information literacy

2009/10: D.I.T. Teaching Fellowship recipient 

  • Innovation management in hospitality, tourism and event organisations
  • Disruption and innovation
  • Consumer decision-making at travel fairs (including commercial research at the Holidayworld annual travel show, Dublin)
  • Advances in pedagogy and curriculum in higher education
  • Augmented reality in business and higher education
  • Student transition and engagement
  • Teaching and learning

Chapters in edited books

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Poster presentation

O’Rawe, M, O'Keeffe, M. Harvey, J.  Gabaudan, O. and M-J González, (2011) ‘Using wikis, blogs and social networking tools to enhance collaboration and participation’ (Poster), 26th Annual Ascilite International Conference, Auckland, New Zealand.

Selected national newspaper contributions, professional industry publications and academic supports


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