New Frontiers at DIT‌‌

New Frontiers is a National Entrepreneur Development Programme aimed at supporting the establishment and growth of technology or knowledge intensive ventures with potential to trade internationally and create employment in Ireland.

DIT Hothouse deliver the 3-phased programme in partnership with IADT.

How does it work?

Phase 1 

This lasts two months, is part-time and offers training in key business areas. 

Workshops are delivered over 2 evenings per week with facilitators introducing entrepreneurs to start-up strategies, finance, pitching, market research & more. 

Phase 2

This lasts circa 6 months, is full-time, offers in-depth training, as well as €15,000 funding and free incubator space. 

The training builds on Phase 1 with workshops and added one-to-one mentor clinics on start-up strategies, finance, pitching, market research, sales & more.

Funding is provided as a tax-free, equity-free stipend with incubator space offered in Dublin City Centre or Dún Laoghaire.

Phase 3

This is a full-time period of flexible support, helping successful participants raise investment and expand internationally. 

Participants are offered incubator space. Select training, masterclasses and invitations to key start-up events. 

Who should apply? 

We look for entrepreneurs who can demonstrate the capability and commitment needed to develop a sustainable internationally traded business.

If you believe you can achieve a turnover greater than €500,000 and create more than 5 jobs in 3 to 5 years, we want to hear from you.

Applications from tech and innovative start-ups are particularly encouraged. However, all sectors are welcome to apply!‌

We are currently closed for applications - If you would like to be notified when we next open for applications please register your interest here

New Frontiers Phase 2 Programme Schedule

Event                     Date

Applications Open    11th October 2018

Applications Close    14th November 2018

Programme Start     21st January 2019

Programme End       27th June 2019

New Frontiers Phase 1 Programme Schedule

Event                     Date

Applications Open    25th January 2019

Applications Close    28th February 2019

Programme Start     5th April 2019

Programme End       May 2019

New Frontiers Phase 2 Programme Schedule

Event                       Date

Applications Open      End April 2019

Applications Close      End May 2019

Programme Start       Mid July 2019

Programme End         Mid December 2019

New Frontiers Phase 1 Programme Schedule

Event                        Date

Applications Open       July 2019

Applications Close       August 2019

Programme Start        September 2019

Programme End          October 2019

*Dates are subject to change 

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