DIT Hothouse startup has potential to save cyclist's lives

  • DIT Hothouse startup has potential to save cyclist's lives

Image: Independent.ie - https://www.independent.ie/irish-news/irish-design-teams-new-lighting-system-for-cyclists-has-potential-to-save-lives-36406106.html

As passionate cyclists, the team behind TAILT know that it is important to be seen from all directions, communicate the intention to turn, let the cyclist rely on his own equipment and protect our-self from water and mud. They have developed the world’s first interactive system that provides safety, comfort and improved visibility for all cyclists. 

It is composed of a set of responsive LED lights, front and rear, remote controls for turn signals and embedded 180° visibility turn signals as well as an automatic system detects when the cyclist slow down and activate a rear brake light. TAILT would enhance the level of safety, comfort and security for the majority of cyclist, commuters and people that use the bicycle.

DIT Hothouse works to commercialise inventions from the staff and students of DIT Hothouse such as this new lighting system, aimed at making cyclists more visible on our roads. This new product is at the prototype phase with a pending patent and TAILT hope to add other features to it down the line, such as an anti-theft function, a navigation system and a safety camera.

DIT Hothouse, Senior Innovation Portfolio Manager, Dr Paul Maguire said: “I would like to congratulate TAILT on winning the Future Award at the RSA’s 10th annual ‘Leading Lights in Road Safety’ Awards at Croke Park this week. DIT Hothouse works to support new technologies such as this, and encourages staff and students at Dublin Institute of Technology in commercialising their inventions every step of the way, with access to expertise, mentoring and funding.”

DIT Hothouse Licencing Executive, Dr Andrew Marsh said: “We're delighted for TAILT and Matteo Zallio on winning the Future Award at the Leading ‘Lights in Road Safety’ Awards by the Road Safety Authority. This is a world first in terms of safety for cyclists. This new technology offers the cycling industry enhanced visibility with a view of trying to reduce incidents with other road users.”

The full story from the Irish Independent can be viewed below:

Irish design team's new lighting system for cyclists has 'potential to save lives' - Independent.ie

TAILT picked up the Future Award at the RSA's 10th annual 'Leading Lights in Road Safety' Awards at Croke Park this week as the judges said their product had "the potential to save lives". TAILT is the brainchild of Déan Design Lab, created by a trio of keen cyclists and researchers from Dublin Institute of Technology.