IV Regulation

Intravenous (IV) fluids offer a route to quickly and effectively control the body’s core temperature. This can be useful in the case of a medical emergency such as heat stroke or brain trauma (where reducing body temperature can protect the brain) or hypothermia (where the body’s temperature needs to be raised). But at present there is no portable device to easily manage the temperature of IV fluids at the site of an emergency or during patient transport.

The IV fluid thermal regulator is a portable device that can set and manage the temperature of IV fluids. The technology guides the IV tube alongside a thermoelectric plate, and with the flick of a switch the user can set it to heat or cool the IV fluid as required.

Sean-Paul White originally came up with the idea for the IV fluid thermal regulator for his thesis when he was an undergraduate student of product design in DIT. He spoke with emergency service practitioners about their needs and he designed an initial prototype. Sean-Paul has since founded the company IV Regulation to further develop and commercialise the technology. He is currently working on a demonstration prototype that will enable him to develop a production line and move to getting a CE mark.

Sean-Paul took part in the inaugural student incubator programme Hothouse i-Cubed at DIT Hothouse’s new purpose built incubator and research facility in Grangegorman. The three-month programme provided guidance, funding and support from industry professionals. Sean-Paul later moved on to the New Frontiers programme at DIT Hothouse, which encourages and supports start-up companies.

“DIT Hothouse is where my business knowledge comes from. To other innovators I would say if you are thinking about doing it, then just do it. There are so many people out there who are interested in advising you, and everything you don’t know you just need to learn along the way.”
Sean-Paul White, Founder and CEO, IV Regulation