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Core eRecruit

Core eRecruit system is available through CorePortal

All University staff using CorePortal in TU Dublin - City Campus now have access to ‘e-Recruitment Self Service’.

This feature allows staff to view and apply for vacant positions in the TU Dublin - City Campus.

How do I access eRecruit?

There are two options, outlined below, to access Core eRecruit and either of these may be used:

Option 1: Log into CorePortal at the followinging link Core Portal

You will see a vacancies tab in the left hand corner of the employee dashboard. Click into this option and you will see the available positions advertised through Core eRecruit. 

Option 2: On the DIT homepage, click on the Job Opportunities link in the usual manner.

Select the option for ‘Job Vacancies for TU Dublin Applicants’: 

Job Opportunities     


Guidelines on how to apply for a vacancy using Core eRecruit

Click here to download internal applicant process  

User Guide for Managers

A brief overview of the key steps in the Recruitment and Selection process is available on this two-page document;

Brief Managers Guide - SRF and Interview     

A detailed guide are available in this document;

Shortlisting and Interview User Guide May 2013

Guidelines on how to complete a Staff Requisition Form

Staff Requisition Form User Guide May 2013