Welcome to DIT

Welcome to DIT


I am delighted that you have chosen to join Dublin Institute of Technology and I hope that you will enjoy furthering your career with us at a particularly exciting time in our development.


With its origins dating back to 1887 and the foundtion of Tehchnical Education in Ireland, DIT is now one of the largest Institutions of Higher Education in Ireland.  We are both multi-disciplinary and multi-level, offering a wide range of programmes at levels from Apprenticeship to PhD.  You have joined  a vibrant and energetic organisation, with an exciting future. 


I would urge you, to contribute to the shaping of this vision.  DIT is a large and complex organisation and we all rely on the excellence and professionalism of our colleagues to succeed.  I believe that the more interaction that takes place between colleagues, the more we can achieve together.  We have a comprehensive Staff Development programme which offers many opportunities for you to work with your peers in further developing your professional skills.


I would encourge you to explore what is available and in particular participate in essesntial training in the important area of Health & Safety.  I would also urge you to participate in the many other aspects of life in DIT.  The weekly online newsletter, Update, and the DIT web site will keep you up to date with events and I hope to meet you at some of these during the course of the year.  You are most welcome to DIT and I wish you every success.


Professor Brian Norton


Presidents Office




About DIT


Dublin Institute of technology is a comprehensive higher education institution, fulfilling a national and international role in providing full-time and part-time programmes across the whole spectrum of higher education, supported by research and scholarship in areas reflective of the Institute's mission.  It aims to achieve this in an innovative, responsive, caring and flexible learning environment with state-of-the-art facilities and the most advanced technology available etc.



Strategic Development

Public Affairs

Governing Body

DIT Profile

New to DIT


Once a new staff member has been appointed to a role in DIT they will undergo a comprehensive Induction and Probation Process.  The Staff Training and Development Deptment run Induction programmes throughout the year. The objectives of staff induction are to:

  • Provide a welcoming, caring and supportive experience of the organisation

  • To establish a clear communications channel

  • To ensure that the transition into DIT is a smooth and positive experience for the new staff member

  • To provide information about the organisation, the structures, the policies and procedures

  • To provide training on DIT systems and procedures

  • To identify job specific specialist training required.

  • To clarify the requirements/expectation of the role


The following are some useful links to assist you in your new role within DIT:

Induction and Probation at DIT

Human Resources

Payroll and requirements for new staff

Salary Scales


Living and Working in Ireland*

Staff ID / Email/Phone No.

Policies and procedures

Access to webcourses

Organisation Chart


*please note, the Living in Ireland website is not owned by the Institute. To the best of our knowledge, this website is current and up to date.

Staff Support Services

The Human Resources Department is committed to supporting the Institute in achieving its mission by providing the highest level of service to the Institute, its staff and the public, through its role in attracting, retaining and motivating staff of the highest calibre.


Dignity at Work


Staff Training & Development

Employee Assistance Scheme

Health, Safety & Welfare

Human Resources Department

Performance Management Development System

The aim of PMDS is to provide a tool to Managers and Staff which will help them to ensure that the performance and development of teams and individual staff memeber are alligned with DIT strategic objectives.


All information regarding PMDS is available through the link below:http://www.dit.ie/intranet/training/pmds/

Employee Benefits and Incentives

DIT recognises that its employees are its most valued resource and that their well being is essential for the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the organisation. There are many schemes in operation to assist DIT's employees all are available on the HR website and through the links below:



Employee Assistance Programme


Health Insurance

Job Sharing/ Flexitime

Cycle to work scheme

Taxsaver scheme

Leisure Centre



Employee and Industrial Relations

Employee Relations is at the forefront of Human Resource management practice. Good employee relations are not only desirable, they are a necessity.  The staff in this section work to support the Institute by providing quality advice, support and technical knowledge in the management of employee and industrial relations.  We develop and implement proactive Human Resource policies and procedures which are intended to foster positive employee relations and collaborative management practices based on mutual respect, trust and shared responsibility.





From 2014 to 2017, over half of all DIT's education and research provision will transfer to the new DIT City Centre campus at Grangegorman.

Grangegorman is a new urban quarter being created in Dublin’s north inner city. It will have health, education and community at it's heart and will open up a once walled off part of Dublin.

You can find out more about the project and keep up to date with what is happening in Grangegorman by clicking the link below:



Learning Teaching & Technology Centre

The Learning, Teaching and Technology Centre (LTTC) provides a range of academic development and support for staff involved in third-level teaching. We aim to enhance the learning experience for all DIT students by encouraging staff to adopt a student-centred approach within the design, development and implementation of their learning, teaching and assessment strategies and by harnessing information and communication technologies as appropriate.

Our work draws upon current educational research, local, national and international best practice within all our on-campus and off-campus projects, consultancy support and programme provision.

The LTTC is also the primary location for the support and development of eLearning at DIT, with a particular focus on the effective use of the DIT eLearning platform webcourses.dit.ie, and other emerging technologies.



Policies Procedures and Guidelines

DIT have a comprehensive range of policies, procedures and guidelines in relation to employees.  All of these can be found on the HR website through the following link:


Staff Training and Development

DIT values all staff and recognises that their expertise, skills and personal commitment underpin the continuing success of the Institute and the accomplishment of strategic goals.

DIT is committed to:

  • Maximising and harnessing the collective talents and abilities of all staff through the provision of continuous career development opportunities
  • Facilitating all staff in their ongoing career focused learning, and discovery as appropriate to the needs of the Institute and their own development
  • The continuing development of the skills and knowledge of all staff  through Induction & Probation Policies and PMDS (Performance Management & Development System)


Further Development Study Supports :

Central Services

Complimenting the college structure, there are a number of supporting functions providing academic and professional support services across DIT. These are:

Academic Affairs and Registrar

Student Services

Research and Enterprise

Financial  and Resources

Human Resources

Information Services

Library Services

Oifig na Gaeilge

Records Management (incl. FOI & Data Protection)




Academic Calendar

The Academic calendar can be found at the following link:


Health & Safety

It is the policy of the Dublin Institute of Technology to operate in a safe manner which protects the safety, health and welfare of all Staff in accordance with the relevant legislation. Dublin Institute of Technology Health and Safety Office is charged with advising Governing Body, all levels of management, staff members, students and other relevant parties on matters regarding Safety, Health and Welfare at Work.

Click on the link below to visit the DIT Health and Safety website:


Student Services and Support

 The Directorate of Student Services provides information, support and services to students of DIT in the following areas: 


Colleges and Schools

Colleges and Schools

There are four colleges in DIT. The colleges comprise of groupings of schools in broadly cognate areas. Click on the links below to go directly to the College webpage:

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