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Welcome to Human Resources for TU Dublin - City Campus

The management of human resources is ultimately the responsibility of each line manager.

A core role of the HR Department is to ensure that management has available to it the necessary expertise, advice and skill sets supported by HR information systems to make appropriate and informed decisions on Human Resources matters and to support managers in the decisions they take.

The HR Department also ensures that appropriate policies, protocols and procedures reflective of best practice are in place to assist and guide managers in the recruitment, deployment, development and management of staff.

The conduct of negotiations with trade unions representing staff in the University, liaising with the Higher Education Authority, the Department of Education & Skills, and Department of Finance and representing the University on employee relations matters is managed through the HR Department in consultation with appropriate line management and the Human Resources Committee.

The department is ultimately responsible for ensuring that current and retired staff are in receipt of appropriate pay, benefits and conditions.


Mary Malone

Head of Human Resources

Ceann Seirbhísí Acmhainní Daonna