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Welcome to the Workplace Relations Section

Workplace Relations is at the forefront of human resource management practice. Good employee relations are not only desirable, they are a necessity.  The staff in this section work to support the University by providing quality advice, support and technical knowledge in the management of employee and industrial relations.  We develop and implement proactive Human Resource policies and procedures which are intended to foster positive employee relations and collaborative management practices based on mutual respect, trust and shared responsibility.

The University has formally recognised a number of Trades Unions as having a role in representing staff in relation to discussions with the University concerning employment-related matters. It is University policy to facilitate trade union activity by normally allowing staff representatives reasonable time away from work to take part in negotiations and other union business.

The University recognises a number of trade unions for particular categories of staff i.e.

  • Unite: Technical Staff
  • Group of Unions (IMPACT & SIPTU): Maintenance Staff
  • FORSA: Administrative, Library and IT Staff
  • Teacher’s Union of Ireland (TUI): Academic Staff
  • Irish Nurses and Midwives Organisation (INMO): Nursing Staff
  • Craft Group of Unions: Craft Working Staff

Contact details for each member of the team can be found here.

Paul Butler
Head of Workplace Relations

TU Dublin - City Campus