Manage my ICTDOMAIN Account Password

Manage my ICTDOMAIN Account Password

How do I change my password?

Your ICTDOMAIN Account password can be changed using:

DIT Password Manager –

Or by contacting the Information Services Support Desk


PH: (01) 402 -  3123

It is best to create a habit of changing your password on a regular basis

What if I forget my password?

If you forget your password, you can reset it from:

DIT Password Manager –

Or by contacting the Information Services Support Desk

What passwords can I change using DIT Password Manager?

Currently DIT Password Manager allows you to manage your ICTDOMAIN login password. This password is needed when using services like WebCT, MyDIT and DIT Wifi. Note that you must re-register for the MyDIT Portal after changing your password.

Is my MyDIT password affected by the DIT Password Manager?

Yes, you can change your MyDIT password with DIT Password Manager

Can I use the DIT Password Manager from a computer which is not on the College network?

Yes. DIT Password Manager can be accessed from any computer with internet access allowing you to change your ICTDOMAIN login password or unlock your account remotely.

I am having difficulties providing answers to the questions in the Q&A profile.

The answers policy requires that your answers must be unique i.e. all different, they must all be at least 4 characters in length, and they must not contain parts of the corresponding question.

Where are the answers to the questions in my Q&A profile stored?

The answers are securely stored in an encrypted format on a server managed by IS Services.

What happens if I enter the answers incorrectly when wanting to change my password or unlock my account?

When wishing to unlock your account or reset your password, you are allowed 3 chances to enter your answers correctly. For reasons of security, at the third incorrect attempt your Questions & Answers profile will be locked out and you will need to call to the IS Services Helpdesk in person with your current College ID card in order to have it unlocked. The questions requiring answers will not change from attempt to attempt.

I use the Safari web browser on my Apple Mac and am having difficulty using  DIT Password Manager

Safari is not supported by the Password Manager product suppliers and so if you browse to Password Manager using Safari you will encounter some difficulty. IS Services will continue to liaise with the Password Manager suppliers to improve compatibility with Safari but for the moment it is recommended that Apple Mac users install and use the Mozilla Firefox web browser for use with the Password Manager system. Mozilla Firefox is one of College's supported web browsers.

I am using the Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer 8 web browser and am getting the error 'Your browser or some settings do not meet the requirements of Password Manager',  when I browse to the Password Manager login screen.

You should click the 'Ignore' button below this error and proceed as normal. All functionality is available despite this error.

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