Prof. Izabela Naydenova

    Principal Investigator  (01) 402 4811

Prof. Naydenova is a lecturer in physics at DIT. She holds a Ph.D. in Physics from the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.  Izabela has published more than 80 papers on holographic recording materials and holographic applications and is co-author of seven patent applications.

At present Prof. Naydenova is the leader of one of the research groups at the IEO Centre –“Holographic structures and materials for application in bio- and environmental sensing, microactuators and security applications”, established in 2008. As part of this role, she is managing research projects, mentoring postdoctoral researchers, supervising PhD and MPhil students as well as undergraduate students throughout their final year research projects. In addition, Prof. Naydenova prepares applications for research funding (at national and international level) and manages a number of successful research collaborations with international and national academic and industrial partners.

Current research interests are in the development of holographic recording materials (photopolymer nanocomposites, self-processing photopolymers, azo-dye containing polymers) and novel methods for fabrication of holograms, and their applications in holographic sensing, holographic data storage, optical micro patterning and micromanipulation, holographic actuators for smart devices design.

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