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Industry & Community

Our students and academics develop exciting collaborations with industry and community organisations, in which we learn from each other.


Our Access and Community Engagement team in DIT builds on our long tradition of contributing to making higher education accessible to all, regardless of their circumstances; and encouraging our students to work with community groups and organisations, using their knowledge and expertise to address real world challenges.


DIT – Working in Partnership with You

Institutions of higher education are a vital component in our national innovation ecosystem and can represent an important resource for companies of all sizes.  DIT works in close partnership with industry across all sectors and we are committed to exploring collaborative opportunities and finding flexible solutions that are tuned to meet current and emerging demands.

With a proud and strong reputation for engagement developed over many years of close association with industry and the professions, we continually strive to better understand the needs of companies and make it easy to do business with us.

How can we help you?

DIT is committed to external engagement in all forms and welcomes opportunities to connect and collaborate with organisations large or small. There are many ways in which DIT can support your business: whether its workforce development, graduate recruitment, research and development, developing a Business, accessing our knowledge and expertise, or jointly exploring new possibilities.      

Why not contact us to start the conversation?

Further information and contacts are available below:

Technology Transfer and Start Up Support   Research and Development Opportunities Workforce Development
  • Spin Out Opportunities
  • New Technologies
  • Research Commercialisation
  • Current Research
  • Research Funding and support
  • Collaboration Opportunities


  • Recruitment
  • Customised Training
  • Student Internships
  • Continuing Professional Development

Developing Long Term Relationships with DIT     

DIT is committed to establishing long term and sustainable relationships with external organisations through its Corporate Partnership Network.

The DIT Corporate Partnership Network is a network of like minded enterprise partners who wish to develop their organisations through collaboration with Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT) across a range of activities. The specific objective of the Network is to enhance proactive dialogue between partners and DIT and thereby create a trusting and supportive environment within which mutually beneficial interaction can be progressed. By establishing a mechanism to professionally manage relationships with industry partners, improved engagement across all recognised areas of industry/higher education can be fostered leading to increased innovation and support for the Irish economy.

Please contact DIT Corporate Partnerships for more information on how we can help you.


T: 01 402 7039