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Guidelines for Staff Handling FOI Requests: 

An FOI request is a written request for information which explicitly states that it is being made under the Freedom of Information Act 2014.

All requests are processed centrally, in the first instance, by the Information Governance Officer in the Office of the Institute Secretary, before being assigned to the most relevant local Decision Maker. Other staff are not expected to communicate directly with the requester.

If you receive an FOI request, or are unsure if you have received an FOI request, please contact the Information Governance Officer immediately, and forward the request to

The response to an FOI request is co-ordinated by a local area Decision-Maker or, in the case that a request relates to multiple areas, by the Information Governance Officer.

If you are asked by a Decision-Maker or by the Information Governance Officer to provide copies of records as part of a response to an FOI request, your full co-operation is much appreciated. You will be given all the necessary details for you to locate the appropriate records.

Please return the requested records within the deadline given to you by the Decision-Maker / Information Governance Officer. This is important as, under the FOI Act, a late response can be considered to be a refusal to grant the information requested.