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The FOI Process

Any person may make an FOI Request under the FOI Act, and the public body in question must normally respond within 4 weeks after acknowledging the request. In the case of large and/or complex requests this timeframe may be extended by a further 4 weeks.

In DIT the processing of FOI requests will be facilitated by the Information Governance Officer in the Office of the Institute Secretary and will be dealt with by a Decision Maker in the relevant area of DIT to which the request relates.

Following retrieval and examination of the requested records the Decision Maker may grant full access to the information requested, or may refuse access to some or all of the information requested based on specific grounds detailed within the FOI Act.

Under the Act, the person who has requested the information has the right to appeal an FOI body's decision - firstly to a more senior staff member within the FOI body than the staff member who made the original decision (referred to as an Internal Reviewer), and then to the Office of the Information Commissioner if the decision is still not satisfactory. The Information Commissioner's decision in this instance is binding.

Further information in relation to Freedom of Information can be viewed at: