Arrival Checklist


Here are the details of our international student induction week for our September intake: Induction January 2019

The most important thing that you do when you arrive, is register as a TU Dublin student.

Two events have been scheduled for your registration and ID card collection during the induction week:

ERASMUS/EXCHANGE/INTERNATIONAL Students: Tuesday 22nd January at 9.00am at the students services office in TU Dublin Aungier Street.

You can do this in person at one of our student centres. Details on our student service centres can be found here; You will need to show your receipt letter at this centre so make sure that you have it!

Then once you are a registered student, you may ask for a student verification letter from the student services centre. This letter is needed to register with INIS (Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Services) to get your Stamp 2 Study Visa.

There is a new online appointment system in place to eliminate students having such a long wait to get your student visa card.

The International Office is located at 40/45 Mountjoy Square South, Dublin 1. Tel: 01-402-3532/4253 or email



Staff in the International Office will be able to advise you about short term accommodation for a few days and also longer term accommodation. You will also be able to meet some of the accommodation providers at out induction so please try to arrive in time for this.

Accommodation for International Students

Please visit for all accommodation information.

TU Dublin Student Sports, Recreation & Support Dept. organises TU Dublin’s off-campus student accommodation with external student accommodation providers. Students can book from June onwards to ensure a place. It is advisable to book early as the number of places is limited considering the demand. There will be a range of different styles of modern accommodation in the bed space provision. The accommodation is fully furnished and can be viewed on the accommodation provider's website or in person by viewing the accommodation in advance of paying the deposit. Groups of students may book on block with the accommodation provider though early booking would be advisable. All the accommodation is in close proximity to the North or South side TU Dublin campuses and close to public transport.

The selection of the accommodation and the terms of the agreement/contract are entirely a matter between the individual student and the external provider.

TU Dublin’s Student Sports, Recreation & Support Dept. also provide an information service about accommodation in partnership with TU Dublin Student Union personnel. This service provides TU Dublin students with information on available living accommodation, both self-catering and lodgings, including details about location, number of places and costs.

Registration is undertaken by the Student Service Centres. When you register you will be issued with a student card.

Please remember that the International Office cannot issue letters for Immigration etc. until you have registered, so if you need these make sure you register as soon as possible.

You will require a Confirmation of Registration Letter from the Student Service Centres, which verifies you are registered in TU Dublin. You can request this online here: Request a Student Service

Two weeks after your registration you will receive an email to your TU Dublin email account with your Medical Insurance Certificate attached.

All students that hold a passport from a non-EEA country are required to register with the Garda National Immigration Bureau (or GNIB). This must be completed within the allotted duration of stay allocated to you by the immigration officer on arrival in Ireland, regardless of whether you required a visa for entry.

Failure to register could result in deportation. You need to follow these steps to register with the GNIB; 

  • Register with TU Dublin and obtain your student card
  • Request a Confirmation of Registration letter from the Student Service Centres
  • Print out your Medical Insurance Certificate from your TU Dublin email address once received.
  • Bring these documents, your passport, Evidence of financial support, and the fee of €350* (pay by credit/debit card) to the GNIB Office
  • You should be issued with a “Stamp 2” residence permit. If you encounter difficulty contact the International Office immediately.

*The fee is subject to change without notification

It is important that you open up a bank account in Ireland if you are a student as you may need letters from your bank to support your application to buy a service product such as electricity or internet. If you continue to use your overseas bank account, you may encounter large bank fees on ATM transactions also. There is an Allied Irish Bank on TU Dublin Bolton Street and Aungier Street campuses.

You will need a Confirmation of Registration Letter to set up an account that is addressed to the bank you wish to open the account with. You can again request this from the Student Service Centre online.

You need to be aware that you may only work for a maximum of 20 hours per week as a non EEA citizen while on a study visa in Ireland during term time, and up to 40 hours during the holiday period.

To work in Ireland you need to apply for a PPS (Personal Public Service) Number. You apply for this number through your local Social Welfare Office. There are Social Welfare Offices near all of the TU Dublin Campuses.  You will need to request a "Confirmation of Registration" letter to apply for your PPS number through Student Services.

All non EEA students on full time programmes at TU Dublin who are on a study visa in Ireland are obliged to have private medical insurance cover. TU Dublin’s International Office organises this cover for students paying fees. The certificate is issued to yourTU Dublin email account two weeks after you have registered and collected your TU Dublin student card.

The following may be helpful to ensure that you comply with all your obligations.

Student Registration Process

Working in Ireland

Download Working in Ireland PDF

Download PDF.