DIT Introduces Adobe Software for Use on Personal Devices

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The Eduserv Adobe ETLA Agreement is a three year subscription agreement that allows DIT to install Adobe Creative Cloud Enterprise Desktop Apps (or Creative Suite 6 under downgrade rights) on the PCs/Macs that they own or operate and on staff’s own home PC/Mac.

Staff can download and install various Adobe packages to their home computers under this agreement. 

If staff wish to have any Adobe package installed on their office PC/Mac (DIT Owned), then please contact the helpdesk on 4023123 to request this.

Please download the following install and troubleshooting guides to assist you with your installation.

Adobe Staff Home Install Userguide

Adobe - Staff Home Install - Troubleshooting guide

Available Software

Adobe Photoshop Adobe Illustrator Adobe InDesign
Adobe Bridge Adobe InCopy  Adobe Acrobat Pro
Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Adobe Dreamweaver Adobe Flash Professional
Adobe Flash Builder Premium Adobe Fireworks Adobe Muse
Adobe Edge Animate Adobe Edge Inspect Adobe Edge Reflow (Preview)
Adobe Edge Web Fonts Adobe Scout Adobe Gaming SDK
Adobe Premiere Pro Adobe After Effects Adobe Audition
Adobe SpeedGrade Adobe Prelude Adobe Prelude Live Logger
Adobe Encore Adobe Media Encoder  


Frequently asked Questions

Q. How many personally owned computers are staff entitled to install the Adobe software on?

A. Staff are entitled to install the adobe software on one personally owned computer


Q. Are retired staff members entitled to download the software to their home computers?

A. Only current staff members are entitled to download and install the software to their home computers


Q. How long will the Adobe software work on my home computer?

A. The Adobe software will cease to work In August of 2016.  Staff will be required to sign in to the Adobe site and download a newer version to continue using the software.


Q. If I have an issue logging into the Adobe Site, who do I contact?

A. Staff members should contact the IT Helpdesk (phone 4023123 or support@dit.ie) if they are unable to login to the Adobe site.  Just be aware that you should be using your staff number and password to access this service.


Q. I am a new staff member, but don’t seem to have access to the adobe software, how do I get access?

A. The list of current staff members is imported into the Adobe Dashboard on the first Tuesday of each Month.  Any new staff members will be included on the next import.


Q. I received the following message on screen when downloading Adobe Photoshop: “You are running an operating system that Photoshop no longer supports.  Refer to the system requirements for a full list of supported platforms”.  What should I do?

A. Please ensure that your home computer is running a supported OS.  Details of which OS is required for individual applications can be found here:


Mac users can download and install the latest OS version from the App store for free.


Q. I have a CS6 version of an Adobe product on my home computer, do I need to uninstall this before installing the latest Adobe CC version?

A. No.  It is fine to have both versions on your computer.  A CS6 version can co-exist with a CC version without causing any trouble.

Q. Can students install the Adobe Software on their own personal devices?

A. No, This agreement only applies to current staff members only


Q. Are mobile apps covered under this agreement (e.g. Lightroom for iPad)

A. No, the agreement only covers Desktop Apps


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