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Data Centre

PIC - Data Centre - Aisle 1

In 2007, work began on a new IT Equipment Hosting Facility in our Aungier Street campus. The Data Centre is now operational. The Data Centre itself is designed and constructed around APC's InfraStruXure Technology and it is a fully integrated cooling, power and IT equipment management solution. It now forms the core of [DIT NET].

PIC - Data Centre Live 2

The DIT Information Services Data Centre hosts IT equipment and services from a wide variety of both DIT and national Research projects along with DIT IT services.  DIT projects include those from the School of Computing research group and the Digital Media Centre along with national projects including Grid Ireland.

The Data Centre is a state of the art IT equipment hosting facility which uses the APC ‘hot-aisle’ InfrastruXure solution to provide power, cooling and environmental management with a backup diesel generator that automatically takes the power load in the event of an electricity outage. The Data Centre is installed across two levels ensuring optimum use of space in DIT Aungier St.  The Data Centre combined with a ‘free air’ cooler ensures the Data Centre service is optimised in the efficient use of electricity. 

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