DIT’s new spam filtering solution

In preparation for DIT’s migration of staff email, all DIT email will be filtered through a new system, ensuring your DIT staff email account will be protected by stopping junk email and other potential threats from reaching your inbox.

How do I view any spam that has been sent to my DIT email address?

 Go to https://mail.google.com/a/dit.ie

Your Username is your six-digit staff number (e.g. 012345)

Your Password is your regular email password.

Click Login

From the menu on the left-hand side click More to expand the label list

From the menu on the left-hand side, click Spam to display a list of emails that the automated filtering system has determined should not be immediately delivered to your inbox. You will see a list of all emails that have been marked as potentially dangerous or fraudulent. Place a tick in the box to the left of the mail you want to release from spam, and click Not Spam.

Please note: once a mail is designated as Not Spam it will be released into your Google mail folder. To view the mail click Inbox in the menu on the left hand side.

As an interim measure, please forward the mail to your own @dit.ie address to view it in your mail client.



What is SPAM?

SPAM is unsolicited email messages that are usually sent in bulk to an indiscriminate set of recipients. These messages can cause security threats and other problems to our network if they are left unchecked. By scanning email and by having an email filtering system, these unwanted and potentially dangerous email messages can be separated and held in quarantine, therefore not causing any risk to our networks.

Why are some emails marked as Spam?

DIT’s automated email filtering solution helps detect spam by identifying viruses and suspicious messages, finding patterns across messages, and learning from what other email users commonly mark as spam.

If you click your Spam label and open one of the messages, you'll see a message at the top with a brief explanation about why that particular message was placed in Spam. Use this information to protect yourself from potentially dangerous or fraudulent messages and to better understand why a message was or wasn't marked as spam.

Further information on SPAM is available here:

How do I access a regular SPAM quarantine report?

You can now monitor your spam email on a real-time basis, removing the need for a regular report of any spam that may have been sent to your inbox.

How do I delete any SPAM sent to my email address?

You can either delete all spam email by selecting Delete all spam messages now or by opening a specific spam email and choosing the Delete forever button at the top of the email.

An email is showing as SPAM but is genuine. How do I access it?

Open the email and click the Not Spam button at the top of the email. It will now be delivered.

How long are SPAM emails kept in quarantine?

Messages that have been in Spam more than 30 days will be automatically deleted.

When is Staff email migrating to Google?

All information on the migration of Staff Email is available here:


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