DIT Staff Email

We are pleased to announce that DIT has moved its staff email platform to Google Apps for Education. 

With Google Apps for Education, we'll gain the benefits of:

  • a robust and innovative feature set, 
  • the ability to access email and other services from any Internet-connected computer 
  • Unlimited storage capacity (the last mail system allows you 1GB of storage capacity)
  • collaboration opportunities will be enhanced as staff and students will share the same platform

 The Email service will continue to operate on all devices and clients (i.e. Outlook). 

How do I?

Learn how to use some of the common features in Google apps  - myDIT webmail such as:

  • How do I add a signature to my email
  • How do I spell check my email
  • How do I search or sort my emails 
Full list available here

Find out more

All your Questions about the move to Google Apps will be answered here. 

Configure your device to receive DIT email

 All the instructions you need are provided here to setup email on an email client or mobile phone

 Setting up your email icon


‌Latest news

Update: 21 Nov 2014

Google have recently announced they are providing unlimited storage for our Students and staff Google account.

Update: 16 Oct 2014

New College, School and Buildings mailing lists now available. Click here for details

When I send an email to a mailing list I do not receive the email, why is this?

DIT mailing lists are now manage using Google Groups and its a trait of Google Groups that emails send to a Group that you subscribe to will not show in the Inbox. A copy of this mail will be saved in your ALL MAIL label. If you want a copy saved to your inbox include your email address in the cc section of the email.

Do you know how to set your OUT OF OFFICE in Google mail?

 Find out how here along with how to use other Google features

Spam solution change

With this new service you are advised to check your spam folder regularly and follow the instructions outlined here.

Please note: once an email is designated as Not Spam it will be released into your Google mail inbox only. As an interim measure, please forward the email to your own @dit.ie address to view it in your current email client.

Emails cannot be printed from the spam folder.

Email Security

In respect of the personal data of end users as per contract, Google shall take and implement appropriate technical and organisational measures to protect personal data against unlawful destruction or accidental loss, alteration, unauthorised disclosure or access. Click here to see interview with Data Protection Commissioner conducted by Baker Security & Networks.

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