Student Printing

Printing from Student Access PCs

Page Layout

If possible, ensure the document you are printing is setup for the appropriate page size and select File/Print from the appropriate menu.

Selecting a Printer

The following print queues are setup on most student PCs, select the one that matches your requirements the best:

  • A4 BW - Print Both Sides
  • A4 Colour
  • A3 Black & White
  • A3 Colour
  • Acetate

Finishing Settings

If neccessary, make changes to the finishing settings. By default, the A4 BW - Print Both Sides printer driver is set to duplex printing. Should you only want to print on one side per page then select the Preferences button and adjust the duplexing option under Finishing tab.

Release the Print

Once you've sent your print(s) to the printer, proceed to any Ricoh printer in the campus and enter your student number either by swiping your student card in the Print Release Station or by typing your student number into the Print Release Station's numeric pad, omitting the preceding Letter.

Press Enter followed by your numerical Printing Pin. The device will list your available balance and currently stored print jobs which you may release or cancel. Use the arrow keys to scroll to the job(s) you wish to release and press Enter to release the prints or Cancel to cancel the print jobs.

Print jobs can be released on any Ricoh printer up to two hours after being sent. After this period they are automatically deleted.

Managing Your Printing Credit

View your print job history and manage your PIN by logging onto the following site:


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