How to search the internet


Guide to searching the web, including how to choose an appropriate search engine; meta search engines; portals; web publishing and other web tools.

Internet Search Engines

Search engines offer you links to potentially relevant web pages based on the keywords you enter.



Google is the largest single search engine that offers web searching, images, news information, product searching, and Usenet discussion groups.

Google Scholar

A Google search engine that searches academic materials only.


Searches web pages, pictures, news, video and audio, with an added option to search within your results.


Searches web pages, images, mp3/audio, video and news.

Metasearch Engines

A metasearch engine will search several search engines at the same time, and present the results collectively.


Search multiple search engines, business directories, and residential directories.


Search multiple search engines, yellow pages, and white pages.


Metasearch with Universal Power Search, Global Search, and Power Refinement to improve relevance of results.

Online Catalogues and Databases

These are comprehensive collections of online databases, libraries and information catalogues.

Complete Planet

Over 70,000 databases and specialist search engines, grouped by subject, searchable by keyword.

WWW Virtual Library

Links to specialist online libraries.

BUBL Information Service

Links to specialist internet resources listed by Dewey decimal number.

Internet Public Library

Links to newsgroups, online discussions, databases, international media, online reference resources, and e-books.

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