Your Library Record & PIN

All DIT staff and students have a library record which shows the books you have on loan and the dates they are due back.  You can also renew and reserve items. 

To view your own library account online you will need to create a PIN as follows:

  • go to
  • click on My Library and select My Account
  • enter your ID number* and leave the PIN blank.
  • click on submit
  • you will be prompted to enter a PIN.  Note:a secure Library PIN uses only numbers, and is at least 4 numbers long. Date of birth PINs which  repeat a pattern  for example 11/11/'96 or 01/01/'96,  will not be accepted.  Any set of numbers that is repeated two or more times (i.e. 1212, 1122) will not be accepted.
  • enter a new PIN twice and click on submit
  • Your PIN will be accepted.
  • Your "My Library"account page opens automatically.

If you have Forgotten your PIN you will need to Reset your PIN as follows:

  • go to
  • click on My Library and select My Account
  • click on 'Forgot your PIN'?
  • enter your ID number* and click on submit
  • an email is sent to your DIT student account with a link to the Reset your PIN page
  • Follow the instruction on the web page and click on submit


You can also use this ID number* and PIN to access electronic resources from home or from outside DIT.

* Note: For Students your ID number is the number on your ID card e.g C12312312

* Note: For Staff your ID number is your staff number if you got a new Staff Card since September 2010 - otherwise your ID number is a library number assigned when you joined so please contact the library for your ID number.

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